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10 Years Ticket (2022)
Status: [stt/ EP 2 HD English sub]


[stt/ EP 2 HD English sub] [info] [+] [nd] Synopsis: Pukao and Kongkwan were childhood friends, as their families were always close. But all of their lives turned into hell ten years ago, when Kongwan’s sister murdered Pukao’s brother, destroying both of their families and also Pukao and Kongkwan’s group of friends. Pukao not only lost his brother but also his father who left him and his mother and Kongkwan’s family was labeled as a murderous family while her sister took a heavy jail sentence. Ever since then, Pukao never stopped getting revenge on Kongkwan, despite the fact that she was innocent, blaming her for being the sister of his brother’s murderer. By doing so, he divided his friends who could not accept his treatment towards Kongkwan, especially the one who was like a brother to him, who would not accept any mistreatment towards Kongkwan, even from his best friend, even if that means severing their friendship. Original Network: GMM 25; Director: Fon Kanittha Kwanyu [ขนิษฐา ขวัญอยู่] Also known as: หนังรักเรื่องที่แล้ว Nang Rak Rueang Thi Laeo [/nd] [br/EngSub] [EP #2|https://asianplay.pro/streaming.php?id=MzYyNDQ4&title=10+Years+Ticket+%282022%29+episode+2&typesub=SUB] [EP #1|https://asianplay.pro/streaming.php?id=MzYyMTU4&title=10+Years+Ticket+%282022%29+episode+1&typesub=SUB] [drt] Fon Kanittha Kwanyu [ขนิษฐา ขวัญอยู่] [/drt] [act] Bimbeam Praekwan Phongskul (2000), Gunsmile Chanagun Arpornsutinan (1996), June Wanwimol Jaenasavamethee (2000), Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (1991), Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee (2000), Pahn Darisa Karnpoj (1991), Pluem Purim Rattanaruangwattana (1997), Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul (2000) [/act]
Country: Thailand
Update: 19/12/2022
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