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Takara-kun to Amagi-kun (2022)
Status: [stt/ EP 7/8]


[stt/ EP 7/8] [info] [+] [nd] Synopsis: Takara Shun, a high school student who belongs to a popular group in the class, and Taichi Amagi, a pure boy who is not a conspicuous type but is liked by people, realize their love for each other. Even though they start dating in secret, it is difficult to be honest. [/nd] [br/EngSub] [EP #7|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzUxODcx&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+7&typesub=SUB] [EP #6|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzUwODcw&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+6&typesub=SUB] [EP #5|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzQ4MjU4&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+5&typesub=SUB] [EP #4|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzQ2ODM2&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+4&typesub=SUB] [EP #3|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzQ1Njgx&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+3&typesub=SUB] [EP #2|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzQ0NDYw&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+2&typesub=SUB] [EP #1|https://asianplay.net/streaming.php?id=MzQyODQ0&title=Takara-kun+to+Amagi-kun+%282022%29+episode+1&typesub=SUB] [drt] Adapted from the manga “Takara-kun to Amagi-kun” (高良くんと天城くん) by Hanage no Mai (はなげのまい).
Original Network: MBS;
Director: Yoshino Mamoru [吉野主]
Also known as: 高良くんと天城くん Takara and Amagi. [/drt] [act] Komiya Rio (2002), Nasu Taito (1999), Oriyama Nao (Johnny's Jr. group Shounen Ninja) (2003), Sakaguchi Futa (2000), Sato Arata (2000), Suzuki Kosuke (1997) [/act]
Country: Japanese
Update: 20/09/2022
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