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Sai Roong (2022)
Status: [stt/ EP 8/16 RAW]


[stt/ EP 8/16 RAW] [info] [+] [nd] Synopsis: “Sai Roong” speaks of memories and the steadfast love of a young woman named Maythinee for a man whose name she calls out whenever she dares to feel, for her lover, Pak, who died in a car accident after her mother forced her to write him a breakup letter. Her lover is gone and the memories of the past, no matter how beautiful, can not come back. All Maythinee can do is drown herself in alcohol and try to forget. And perhaps also endure the heartbreak of suddenly seeing her dead lover’s face in another man. However, it is unknown to her that the man with her dead lover’s face is indeed her dead lover, Pak, who is still alive and living under a new name, Ponsithon. While Pak had loved her, Ponsithon is still burning in the flames of betrayal until his only desire is to get revenge. Sai Roong, meaning Rainbow, speaks of memories and life lessons. It shows the value of love and prayer. Because no matter where the end of the rainbow is, and no matter how out of reach it may be… for the feelings that are so dear to the heart, travelling till the end is nothing hard at all. [/nd] [br/RAW] [EP #8|] [EP #7|] [EP #6|] [EP #5|] [EP #4|] [EP #3|] [EP #2|] [EP #1|] [drt] Adapted from the novel "Sai Roong" (สายรุ้ง) by Thommayanti (ทมยันตี).
Original Network: GMM One;
Director: Koo Ekkasit Trakulkasemsuk [เอกสิทธิ์ ตระกูลเกษมสุข] and Oh Kathadeb [คฑาเทพ ไทยวานิช]
Also known as: สายรุ้ง Sai Rung Rainbow Rainbow Lines [/drt] [act] Dollacha Puwijarn Cowell (1991), Iang Sittha Sapanuchart (1990), Kat Katreeya English (1976), Lilly Apichaya Thongkham (2002), Pip Ravit Terdwong (1969), Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak (1978), Trerak Rakkandee (1966) [/act]
Country: Thailand
Update: 05/09/2022
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