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My Only 12% (2022)
My Only 12% (2022)
[stt/ EP 8/14] [info] [+] [nd] Synopsis: 12% is the probability that the person we love, loves us back. Cake and Seeiw are neighbors and childhood friends, with totally opposite personalities. Seeiw is more reserved and prefers interacting with his own family or Cake’s. Seeiw never thought that his inability to speak well or having few friends would be a problem in his life. He always believed that even if the whole world didn’t see him; everything would be fine, as long as he had Cake beside him. But fate had other plans for Seeiw and it pushed Cake away from him. Reminiscing about the old days when they would talk every night until they fell asleep, Seeiw suddenly realizes that Cake’s social circle is growing. As such, the safe zone that once solely belonged to Seeiw, would very soon turn into a public space. And that’s no different from having the whole world collapsing right in front of Seeiw. Adapted from the novel “12%” by afterday. [/nd] [br/EngSub] [EP #8|] [EP #7|] [EP #6|] [EP #5|] [EP #4|] [EP #3|] [EP #2|] [EP #1|] [drt] Adapted from the novel "12%" by afterday.
Director: New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul
Also known as: ลุ้นรัก 12% Lun Rak 12%[/drt] [act] Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote (1996), Fairy Kirana Pipityakorn (2004), Oat Tharathon Phumphothingam (2000), Oreo Puwanai Sangwan (1995), Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong (1999), Pineare Pannin Charnmanoon (1998), Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong (1998), Ryu Pakphum Jitpisutsiri (1998), Santa Pongsapak Oudompoch (2003), Teepor Krit Srisukwattananan (1997) [/act]
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Country: Thailand
Update: 14/08/2022
Status: [stt/ EP 8/14]
Release Year:
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