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Block House (2021)
Status: [stt/ EP 1 HD English sub]


[stt/ EP 1 HD English sub] [info] [+] [/info] [nd] After the Japanese invaders occupied Handan in 1938, they slaughtered the people in Handan and built large-scale artillery buildings. A 12-year-old boy named Nianzi turned his grief into strength after experiencing the atrocities of the Japanese army. He secretly fought against the Japanese army and traitors, and finally under the leadership of the Eighth Route Army of the Communist Party. , Successfully destroyed the artillery building. [/nd] [br/Eng Sub] [HX #1|] [drt] Also known as: 炮楼 [/drt] [act] [/act]
Country: Chinese
Update: 29/03/2022
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